ALPHA featured in the CERN Courrier

Following 30 years of effort by the low-energy antimatter community at CERN, the ALPHA collaboration has made seminal measurements of antihydrogen’s spectral structure in a bid to test nature’s fundamental symmetries.

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17 Feb 2018

ELENA finishes Commissioning

ELENA, a new ring that will slow the Antiproton Decelerator's antiprotons down even further has now finished construction and is entering the commissioning phase. Read about it here and check out the timelapse video of the construction below. For more information, read the CERN Courier article or visit the ELENA project website.

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30 Nov 2016

First ELENA Construction Meeting Kicks Off

The first construction meeting for the Extra-Low ENergy Antiproton (ELENA) Ring kicks off at CERN today.

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28 Sep 2011

ALPHA on the Cover of the CERN Courier

ALPHA's recently announced achievement of trapping antihydrogen atoms on the front cover of the CERN Courier.

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01 Feb 2011