Former Collaborators

Previous Members:

Dr. Mostafa Ahmadi, PhD Student, University of Liverpool [2014-2018]
Dr. Chanpreet Amole, M.Sc Student, York University [2011-2013]
Dr. Gorm Bruun Andresen, PhD Student, Aarhus University [2005-2010]
Dr. Mohammad Dehghani Ashkezari, PhD Student, Simon Fraser University [2009-2013]
Dr. Marcelo Baquero-Ruiz, PhD Student, University of California Berkeley [2010-2013]
Dr. Paul Bowe, Post-Doctoral Fellow and Technical Coordinator, Aarhus University [2005-2011]
Dr. Chris Burrows, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Swansea University [2012-2013]
Dr. Eoin Butler, PhD Student, Swansea University & Fellow, CERN [2007-2012]
Prof. Swapan Chattopadhyay, Cockcroft Institute, UK [~2012]
Dr. Snir Cohen, PhD Student [2015-2019]
Dr. Robert Collister, Research Assistant, TRIUMF [2016-2018]
Dr. Steven Chapman, PhD Student, University of California Berkeley [2006-2010]
Dr. Adam Deller, PhD Student, Swansea University [2009-2014]
Dr. Ryan Dunlop, Simon Fraser University [2012]
Dr. Nathan Evetts, PhD Student, University of British Columbia [2014-2020]
Dr. Ryo Funakoshi, Post-Doctoral researcher, University of Tokyo [2005-2008]
Dr. Andrea Gutierrez, PhD Student, University of British Columbia [2008-2016]
Prof. Ryugo Hayano, Group Leader,University of Tokyo [2005-2009]
Mr. Andrew Humphries, PhD Student, Swansea University [2007-2011]
Prof. Walter Hardy, Group Leader, University of British Columbia [2005-2018]
Lilith Leonie Hollich, Technical Student, CERN [2021]
Dr. Richard Hydomako, PhD Student, University of Calgary [2006-2013]
Dr. Akira Ishida, Post-Doctoral researcher, University of Tokyo [2013-2015]
Dr. Matthew Jenkins, PhD Student, Swansea University [2004-2008]
Dr. Jack McCauley Jones, MPhys & PhD Student, Swansea University [2017-2021]
Dr. Lars Varming Jørgensen, Post-Doctoral researcher, Swansea University [2005-2008]
Dr. Alex Povilus, PhD Student, University of California Berkeley [2006-2011]
Dr. Mario Michan, Research Assistant, TRIUMF [2013-2016]
Dr. Mark Andrew Johnson, PhD Student & Post-Doctoral researcher, University of Manchester [2015-2022]
Dr. Melissa Mathers (now Valdez), M.Sc. Student, York University [2015-2016]
Dr. Daniel Thomas Maxwell, Post-Doctoral researcher,  Swansea University [2013-2020]
Dr. Maryam Mostamand, Post-Doctoral researcher, TRIUMF [2021]
Dr. Justine Munich, PhD Student, Simon Fraser University [2014-2019]
Prof. Paul Nolan, Group Leader, University of Liverpool [2005-2012]
Dr. Sarah Seif El Nasr-Storey, M.Sc. Student, University of British Columbia [2006-2009]
Dr. Muhammed Sameed, PhD Student & Post-Doctoral Fellow, Swansea & Manchester [2013-2022]
Joos Danjeel Schoonwater, Technical Student, CERN [2021-2022]
Dr. James Storey, Post-Doctoral researcher, TRIUMF [2006-2010]
Dr. Simone Stracka, Post-Doctoral researcher, TRIUMF [2011-2014]
Dr. Graham Stutter, Post-Doctoral researcher, Aarhus University [2016-2020]
Dr. Timothy Tharp, Post-Doctoral and Senior researcher, Berkeley and Marquette [2012-2022]
James Thompson, M.Sc., York University [2015-2016]
Philip Tooley, PhD Student, University of Manchester [2012-2013]
Dr. Bruno Ximenez, PhD Student, Aarhus University [2015-2018]
Prof. Yasunori Yamazaki, Group Leader, RIKEN and University of Tokyo [2005-2010]
Dr. Andrey Zhmoginov, Post-Doctoral researcher, University of California Berkeley [2012-2014]

Summer Students (incomplete):

Robert Wilkins, Swansea University [2022]
Sean Cameron Walters, Swansea University [2022]
Stine Svanum Frederiksen, Aarhus University [2022]
Joshua James Clover, University of California, Berkeley [2022]
James Carroll McGreivy, University of California, Berkeley [2022]
Georgia Booton, Swansea University [2022]
Abby Swadling, University of Calgary [2022]
Claire E. Mc Dermott, University of Michigan [2022]
Nicolas Kalem, University of California, Berkeley [2021,2022]
Larry Zhao, University of California, Berkeley [2021,2022]
Haley Calderon, University of California, Berkeley [2021]
Sara Matsuo Saib, University of California, Berkeley [2021]
Jason Dones, University of California, Berkeley [2021]
Shawn Shin, University of California, Berkeley [2021]
Katie Walkingshaw-Pass, Swansea University [2019]
John Philip, Swansea University [2019]
Kieran Taylor, Swansea University [2018]
Robert Clayton, Swansea University [2017]
Ben Marshall, Swansea University [2016]
Jack Segal, Swansea University [2016]
Ellis Rintoul, Swansea University [2015]
Harry Bostock, Swansea University [2014]
Eugenia Price, Swanswa University [2013]
Sam Speller, Swansea University [2013]
Arielle Little, University of California, Berkeley [2011-2012]
Valentinos Christodoulou, University College London [2012]
James Kelly, George Washington University [2012]
Monika Jakimowicz, Swansea University [2012]
Ian Schoch, University of Maryland [2012]
James Tarlton, CERN and University of Oxford [2012]
Matthew Turner, University of California, Berkeley [2012]
Silvia Caterina Napoli, CERN and Swansea University [2011]
Chris Ørum Rasmussen, CERN and Aarhus University [2010/2011]
Caroline Shields, Swansea University [2011]
Stefan Kemp, CERN and Durham University [2010]
Lene Bryngemark, CERN and Lunds University [2009]
Adam Deller, Swansea University [2009]
Dean Wilding, Swansea University [2009/2008]
Kristoffer Andersen, CERN and Aarhus University [2008]
Crystal Bray, University of California Berkeley [2008/2007]
Kristin Mikkelsen, CERN and University of Liverpool [2008]