Design and performance of a novel low energy multispecies beamline for an antihydrogen experiment

Refereed Publication

The ALPHA Collaboration, based at the CERN Antiproton Decelerator, has recently implemented a novel beamline for low energy (<100 eV) positron and antiproton transport between cylindrical Penning traps that have strong axial magnetic fields. Here, we describe how a combination of semi analytical and numerical calculations was used to optimize the layout and design of this beamline. Using experimental measurements taken during the initial commissioning of the instrument, we evaluate its performance and validate the models used for its development. By combining data from a range of sources, we show that the beamline has a high transfer efficiency and estimate that the percentage of particles captured in the experiments from each bunch is (78±3)% for up to 105 antiprotons and (71±5)% for bunches of up to 107 positrons.

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