Talk and Demonstration for A Level College Physics Students


Paul Trap in the dark

Paul Trap in the dark

ALPHA PhD student Siara Fabbri gave a one hour talk and demonstration on antimatter physics to fifteen A level physics students at Furness College and Barrow Sixth Form located in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.

Barrow-in-Furness is considered to be a highly deprived area in England, that was one of the reasons, why Siara wanted to particularly visit students at this college [1]. Her 30 minute talk covered what the basics of what antimatter is, how it has been portrayed in media, its history and discovery. And furthermore going into more details of the fundamental problems that scientist are facing today regarding antimatter, the research going on at CERN on antimatter, and what she personally gets to do as a PhD student studying antimatter.

After the talk, the students were grouped up to interact with two demonstrations related to antihydrogen trapping and spectroscopy: The particle trap and a hydrogen discharge tube with diffraction gratings for the students to look through. ... (It would be nice if here was even more information about the background of these experiments: How can there be a small particle trap, what are diffraction gratings? --> We can also link to the How ALPHA works section but more information would be nice)

(Do you have the pictures as files only, they wasn't in the google drive folder. Then I can put them alongside the text...)

[1] (GOV.UK, 2020) - National Statistics, English indices of deprivation 2019