In the News: Trapped antihydrogen for 1000s

News Items related to the "Antihydrogen Trapped for 1000s" Paper

In English:

  • ABC News, "CERN Scientists Refine Antimatter 'Trap'"
  • BBC News, "Antimatter atoms are corralled even longer"
  • ABC Blogs, "Anti-matter matters!"
  • Geneva Lunch, "Cern loves 1,000: new LHC record, and antimatter caught for 1,000 seconds"
  • International Business Times, "Anti-matter Confinement breakthrough prompts rethink of nature"
  • CTV News, "Physics breakthrough offers peek at antimatter"
  • The Scotsman, "Ye cannae change laws of physics, Jim (sorry Scotty, we just did)"
  • Technology Gather
  • AGI, "Antimatter hydrogen atoms trapped at cern"
  • CalgaryHerald, "Reseachers capture elusive antimatter"
  • CBS News, "Gotcha! Elusive antimatter trapped over 16 minutes"
  • Dailymail, "Antimatter in a bottle: Scientists stabilise the staple of science fiction disasters for 16 whole minutes"
  • The economist, "Antimatter of fact: Antiatomic physics"
  • The economist, "Antimatter of fact: Researchers at CERN have held on to anti-atoms for a full quarter of an hour"
  • EurekAltert, "CERN group traps antihydrogen atoms for more than 16 minutes"
  • Fox News, "Antimatter Trapped for Amazingly Long 16 Minutes"
  • The Guardian, "Scientists trap antimatter long enough to study how it works"
  • International Business Times, "Antimatter Atoms Trapped for 1,000 seconds"
  • Independent, "Cern scientists shatter antimatter record"
  • Los Angeles Times, "Capture of antimatter opens window on Big Bang"
  • Mail, "Cern Scientists refine antimatter trap"
  • Montreal Gazette, "Canadian scientists 'bottle' antimatter"
  • NECN 
  • Newsday, "Cern scientists refine antimatter trap"
  • Novinite, "CERN Scientists Trap Antimatter for 17 Minutes"
  • Ottawacitizen, "Canadians take lead antimatter experiment"
  • PC, "CERN Scientists Trap Antimatter for Almost 17 Minutes"
  • Science 2.0, "Do Matter And Antimatter Obey The Same Laws Of Physics?"
  • Scienceagogo, "Antimatter bottled-up for 16 minutes"
  • Science Daily, "CERN experiment traps antimatter atoms for 1000 seconds"
  • Scientific American, "Stick Up: Antimatter Atoms Trapped for More Than 15 Minutes"
  • The Telegraph, "Scientists 'trap' and study elusive anti-matter"
  • The Atlantic, "Scientists Create Antimatter They Can Actually Study"
  • The Australian, "Antimatter discovery to shed light on the universe"
  • The Epoch Times, "Scientists Trap Antimatter for 1,000 Seconds and Counting"
  • The Globe and Mail, "Unveiling the secrets of antimatter"
  • The register, "Antimatter for 1000 seconds"
  • Toronto Sun, "Calgary scientists try to trap antimatter"
  • Vancouver Sun, "Canadian scientists capture antimatter atoms bottle"
  • Worldradio, "Cern researchers publish seminal paper on stabiliz"
  • ZME Science, "CERN experiment traps antimatter atoms for 1000 seconds"

In Danish:

  • Videskab, "Antistof fastholdt i 16 minutter"

In Finnish:

  • Uutiset, "Cernissä vangittiin antimateriaa - suomalaiset mukana tutkimassa"

In Japanese:

  • Yomiuri, "「反物質」16分閉じ込め、宇宙の謎解明へ一歩"
  • Mainichi, "反物質:16分超閉じ込めに成功 日本参加の国際チーム"

In Russian:

  •, "Ученые совершили прорыв в изучении антиматерии"
  • Vesti, "Ученые-физики удерживали антиматерию рекордные 16 минут"
  • SPB, "Антиматерию вновь загнали в ловушку"
  •, "Физикам удалось задержать антиматерию на целых 16 минут"