ALPHA is an international collaboration based at CERN, and which is working with trapped antihydrogen atoms, the antimatter counterpart of the simplest atom, hydrogen. By precise comparisons of hydrogen and antihydrogen, the experiment hopes to study fundamental symmetries between matter and antimatter.


ALPHA's recently announced achievement of trapping antihydrogen atoms has created quite a stir. Now, a stylised view of the ALPHA apparatus has made it to the front cover of the CERN Courier.

Read more about ALPHA in the CERN Courier here.

Physics World, the international physics magazine produced by the Institute of Physics, has named ALPHA's recent trapping of antihydrogen as part of the #1 physics breakthrough of 2010, jointly with the ASACUSA Collaboration's formation of antihydrogen in a 'cusp' trap. The complete list of ten breakthroughs from 2010 includes measurements of the atmosphere of an exoplanet 130 light-years away, a Bose-Einstein condenstate of photons, a new measurement of the proton size, and the first proton collisions at the LHC. Read the article and see the fill list here.